• Student Dhruvanshi Jayeshbhai Modhwadia
  • Code UG190358
  • Faculty Design
  • Tutor/s Ankita Trivedi,Ishita Jain
  • TA Advait Patel


The journey of an object in a world goes through stages of birth, death and reincarnation. The museum intends to look into the world by personification of Mohan Niwas and the Lal family, through functionally obsolete objects and their afterlives. The object can be seen as something borne into this world by a Guardian angel, someone who brings it into the human world and looks after it. They pass down not only similar interest but habits alongside with the object. Although loved immensely, due to functional obsolescence over time, a Grim Reaper is called in to decide the fate of the poor object, personified in the human world, this person decides the fate of the object. A necromancer seeing the value and memories attached to it, thinks it's necessary to witness the object's afterlife despite its obsolete societal value. These represent the personified forms of the three generations of Lal family.This is personification is showcased through the museum exhibit chronology that displays the stages of an object's life mainly , Birth, Childhood, Adolescence ,Adulthood , Old age/Death , Afterlife.