• Student Mojidra Shraddha Tejas
  • Code UG191289
  • Faculty Design
  • Tutor/s Ankita Trivedi,Ishita Jain
  • TA Advait Patel


GENERATIONS OF MAKING BEAUTY, is a museum that primarily talks about the evolution of makeup products and advertisements(print media) of beauty or beauty products. It also sheds light on how these changes seen in products have also changed the type of appearances seen on faces for people who use makeup. Aim of the museum is to let visitors know about the history of makeup- it’s constituents, focusing on mainly compact and perfumes. Exploring history provides insights on how preferences have evolved over time. Additionally, exploring these exhibits offers a learning about the evolution of makeup trends and how they allow themselves to express themselves through personal grooming and beauty routines. This museum does not look at makeup and beauty through a critical view but as an informal space where users don’t worry about using makeup but use it as a tool of expressing their inner happiness to look beautiful.