• Student Priyansh Khandelwal
  • Code UAR22233
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Jahnavi Bhatt
  • TA Sarthak Patel


The Community Science Centre at Lekawada village is a learning space designed for 50 secondary school students visiting on 3-4 day study trips, 4-5 researchers with 2-3 college interns and 50-100 odd residents of the neighbouring villages. The aim is to create a calm and inspiring environment leading to the site being placed around the maximum amount of vegetation possible. Materiality has been used as a tool to bring out certain feelings. Brick, used in the ground floor, provides a sense of durability and being grounded. Wood, on the first floor, brings out a feeling of airy and openness. A dug out central courtyard and several terraces have been provide for users to have informal discussions and host events. An exhibition galley has also been provided which motivates the students to perform their best. The multi purpose hall and the community areas allow for interactions with the villagers where they are made aware of the new techniques in the field of botany which can help them in their agricultural practice.