• Student Sutariya Dhruv Nitinkumar
  • Code UAR22060
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Subin Jameel
  • TA Hetarth Mistry


This project is centered on the conceptualization of diverse and personalized work environments, mirroring the essence of both professional workplaces and domestic settings, thereby nurturing engaging and interactive spaces. The primary objective revolves around reshaping traditional office landscapes into collaborative work hubs through strategic spatial reconfigurations. By accentuating fluid circulation patterns and integrating push-pull design principles, the aim is to craft functional work atmospheres. This transformation involves repurposing office zones into communal co-working areas, inviting individuals from diverse spheres to intersect, fostering a rich tapestry of connections and interactions that transcend conventional boundaries, thereby promoting a dynamic and synergistic professional ecosystem.