• Code PLA22164
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Sandip Patil
  • TA Rutvik Faldu


In the wake of escalating global warming repercussions, the environment finds itself at crossroads. With climate change manifesting its impacts, the current scenario reflects a disturbing lack of regard for our surroundings. Within this context, the project under consideration aims to address the critical neglect suffered by a polluted lake and a dilapidated garden. The primary objective is not just to restore the natural order but also to revive a sense of collective responsibility and belonging among individuals towards their environment, amenities, and the broader ecosystem. The creation of experiential spaces within the garden is pivotal in this endeavor. These areas offer a refuge, providing solace from urban chaos while guiding visitors through a transformative reconnection with the natural world. Thoughtfully integrated art installations throughout the site portray the tangible consequences of global warming, compelling observers to confront the realities we face. By incorporating the lake as a central focal point, the project signifies a dedicated commitment to environmental revitalization. It embodies the shared responsibility we collectively hold and seeks to instill a profound sense of belonging. This initiative encourages individuals to actively participate in the preservation and restoration of our shared environment.