• Student Abishai Choragudi
  • Code UG190029
  • Faculty Design
  • Tutor/s Niral Desai,Amber Krishan
  • TA Het Desai


In today's world, moving to a new city or town means leaving behind one's family, home, and friends, and venturing into the task of building a fresh life in an unfamiliar environment. To address the needs of this floating population, we present a phygital solution called 'GO.' More than just a conventional service, GO understands your requirements, and helps you discover what the city has to offer. Through these plans, we desire to help people have meaningful and memorable experiences during their time in the city. GO Mate is a physical device that is linked to the app, to record the sights, sounds and colors you encounter in your journey — maybe even more people! It's sensors receive data when you press play, and save your memories, and create memoryscapes to help you relive those special moments.
App Prototype (Figma) Video Link - https://youtu.be/R4tofFXSYiw