• Student Nataraja Avaneesh
  • Code UG190239
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Snehal Shah
  • TA Nishtha Mehta,Shannon Maria


For today’s time, prayer is understood to be a personalized act where every individual in their own manner try to engage with any activity of  choice in a focused and calm environment. With this understanding, a place for prayer was designed to be a place where people forget the sense of time (achieved through shadowless light an interiority) and focus on their act of prayer. The building tries to responds to it’s context - Kochrab Gandhi Ashram - through it’s juxtaposition and usage of simple compositions of the built form. Through the studies, the journey to find the place for prayer is understood to be as important as the place for prayer itself. Hence, the promenade through space is designed carefully in relation with solar studies. With light as a key feature defining each space, the place for prayer in Kochrab Ashram becomes a place to find solitude in the world of chaos.