• Student Mehlam Munavvar Makda
  • Code UG190848
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Melissa Smith,Catherine Desai,Niyati Naik
  • TA Tarjanee Soni


The proposed project in Vatva, Ahmedabad involves implementing a double-roof system using affordable materials like cloth to address the challenges of excessive heat gain and inadequate living conditions in compact housing clusters. Through meticulous site analysis and data collection, a specific intervention site was identified within the settlement, focusing on houses with exposed metal roofs. The proposed double-roof system aims to provide a cost-effective solution, creating a cooler indoor environment while fostering community identity. 
The climatic responsiveness of the design was tested and analyzed, demonstrating its efficacy in reducing direct heat gain. The project holds promise for settlements facing similar architectural and climatic challenges, emphasizing scalability and adaptability.
 Collaboration with local communities and stakeholders is essential for successful implementation and widespread impact.