• Student Vidhi Piyushkumar Shah
  • Code UG191506
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Melissa Smith,Vishal Chudgar,Abidhussain Hira
  • TA Teesta Singh


Vanjaravaas tackles escalating heat stress from urbanisation and climate change by merging trees with adaptable CUBES (Climate-responsive Urban Block Elements). This innovative design fosters shaded, cool spaces, promoting community interaction. Trees combat urban heat by providing shade, reducing the urban heat island effect, and enhancing resilience by lowering cooling energy needs. Tailoring tree species to local conditions optimises canopy cover, water needs, and fast-growing/native varieties. CUBES, featuring versatile structures and sustainable practices, create inviting gathering spaces. With elements like infinity cubes and shade structures, CUBES ensure inclusivity, community engagement, and positive environmental impact while serving various needs.