• Student Linnea Fischer
  • Code EXUP9223
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Melissa Smith,Vishal Chudgar,Abidhussain Hira
  • TA Teesta Singh


Climate change is becoming more and more visible, day by day. Heat and heavy rain are part of everyday life for many people. But the poor are particularly hard hit. People who are already struggling with many challenges and often live in the most basic conditions. In India, around 40 percent of the population live in slums. This also includes the community in Vanjaravas.In order to improve the situation in Vanjaravas, the following work deals with the question of what frameworks and policies already exist and which stakeholders are important for implementing projects.
There are many approaches and frameworks, such as the Sustainable Development Goals, a Smart City Proposal for Ahmedabad and others. But are these ideas being put into practice? Or are they just promises?
On closer inspection, they appear to be objectives, but there is no concrete description of how they are to be achieved and implemented.
For this reason, I took a closer look at the extent to which the Sustainable Development Goals are also suitable for our projects. It turned out that many important goals from our projects can also be found in the SDGs. These can be weighted differently. The SDGs can therefore be used to transfer our example from a small scale to a larger one. It also shows that the SDGs are a good way to check the extent to which climate-relevant, social and economic issues are considered in projects.
After all the theoretical analysis, the important question now is how the projects and ideas of all the students are realized.
For the realization it can be thought of in three categories, which all interact. Firstly, the strategy, such as: what is our vision? How can we engage and ensure stakeholders? Then you have to deal with finance and reporting. This should include the following: create a pool of sponsoring, crowd funding, NGOs and other partners. Among other things, the implementation of the projects should then be prioritized.
Simple measures can significantly improve life in Vanjaravas and strengthen climate resilience.