• Student Arha Nachiket Pandya
  • Code UUR21234
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Parth Patel,Forum Shah
  • TA Shrayana Ray


 Artscape, a visionary initiative at the heart of our bustling city, envisions a transformative urban landscape and redefines public spaces. Infused with inspiration and creativity, this project revolutionizes our engagement with art, education, and community interaction. Featuring minimal seating and whimsical interventions, Artscape seamlessly blends knowledge with play, making learning an enjoyable experience. Each alley is dedicated to a unique subject, offering engaging games that facilitate fun learning. Interactive art on walls fosters lifelong learning. Dead ends, activated through interventions, establish fluid connections between spaces, while dedicated play areas for children and shaded seating for parents enhance the overall experience. The project prioritizes a vibrant, green environment, fostering interaction and promoting seamless transitions between spaces. Connecting through pavements and graffiti, the two expansive open spaces further amplify the project's dynamic essence.