• Code UAR21242
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Parth Patel,Forum Shah
  • TA Shrayana Ray


The "FOOTFALL REAWAKEN" project seeks to revolutionize the pedestrian experience by reimagining the utilization of pause points and activators within the designated site. The primary objective is to augment public engagement, cultivate a stronger sense of direction, and craft an enriched pedestrian journey. Strategic interventions will involve leveraging urban elements to inject vibrancy, incorporating art installations, interactive features, and dynamic street furniture around temples. Meticulous organization of streets and pathways will ensure a cohesive pedestrian flow. The design approach prioritizes creating inviting and interactive zones, fostering community participation and cultural immersion. "FOOTFALL REAWAKEN" aims to enrich the cultural and social fabric, instilling a renewed sense of identity and connectivity within the urban cluster.