• Student Kharche Soham Anant
  • Code UAR21131
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Shikha Parmar,Manthan Mevada
  • TA Vipul Gupta


In the year 2073, facing the challenges of overpopulation and pollution in Ahmedabad, I embark on a visionary project to rejuvenate the historic Dada Harir ni Vav. Transforming it into a sustainable hub, I integrate a cutting-edge community kitchen within its aged structure. The multi-tiered kitchen utilizes advanced technology at each level, seamlessly progressing from high-tech storage to state-of-the-art cooking stations featuring tapering exhaust systems, minimizing environmental impact. Alongside this culinary innovation, I carve living residences into the stepwell's retaining walls. These modern abodes flank the historic structure, creating a harmonious blend of past and future. Courtyards, integral to the design, punctuate the living spaces, ensuring ample light and ventilation. The dwellings embrace the stepwell's curves, providing unique living experiences while fostering a sense of community.