• Code PSD23197
  • Faculty Technology
  • Tutor/s Bhairav Patel,Meet satishkumar Shah,Aashlesh Gandhi
  • TA Manan Palan,Karan Dalal


The course primarily focuses on comprehending various materials and their practical applications in design practices. Throughout the semester studio course, there was a significant emphasis on the design process for structures. The studio incorporated activities to instill practical knowledge, involving the analysis of structures through manual and software-based methods to enhance mathematical skills. The key study points included the verification of software results. This specific project centers around designing the roofing for the cafeteria in the FD Courtyard, utilizing stone as the primary material. The project's objectives include gaining an understanding of the chosen material, exploring the form-finding and development process, establishing the structural system, conducting preliminary design and sizing of elements, analyzing the structure, and providing initial detailing for the structural components of the project.