• Code PSD23124
  • Faculty Technology
  • Tutor/s Bhairav Patel,Meet satishkumar Shah,Aashlesh Gandhi
  • TA Manan Palan,Karan Dalal


Understanding various materials and applying them to real-world design practises are the main goals of the course. Throughout the entire semester, the studio course placed a strong emphasis on the process of designing any structure. The primary focus of the studio's activities was the instillation of practical knowledge through manual and software-based structural analysis, which enhances mathematical skills. The software results were verified through computation. The goal of this project is to design exhibition space using steel as the main material. This project's goals are to comprehend the material to be utilised, the process of form finding and development, the development of the structural system, the preliminary elemental design and sizing and analysis, and the preliminary