• Student Anagha Anand
  • Code UAR21011
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Smit Vyas
  • TA Vihar Sangani


The evolution of the idea of the exhibition gallery came through the exploration of the relationship between the existing and the new, while simultaneously delving into the relationship between the object (exhibits) and the spectator (viewer). The connection between the old and the new came into form through a steel and wooden ramp, which interweaves along the old and the new, creating a type of circulation which redefines the experience of a typical exhibition gallery. The unique container - to - contained interrelation creates varying degrees of tension between the displays and the viewers. A continuation and similarity in material can be seen through the roof of the existing and the ramp, however, the fluidity and non-arbitrary randomness of the ramp stands in contrast to the stoic brick and concrete box, in which it is contained.