• Student CHETNA
  • Code PID23462
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Kireet Patel,Aparajita Basu,Vishal Joshi,Vaibhavi Thakkar Desai
  • TA Nusratjahan Shaikh,Jhanavi Parikh,Alagappan Swaminathan


This proposed design, focuses on exhibition spaces, delves into the minimalist utilization of a singular material to harmonize an entire exhibition area. The primary objective is to employ this material as a cohesive element, serving both as a unifying backdrop and as a versatile platform for showcasing the intricately crafted models by Leonardo Da Vinci. "Anchored Realms" communicates the overarching themes of stability, security, and a sense of enduring permanence within the specified context, resonating with the traditional essence of the exhibition.