• Code PUT22080
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Shivanand Swamy,Hemangi Dalwadi
  • TA Saayinath Narasimhan


A comprehensive understanding of conducting feasibility studies for urban transport projects, various case studies were engaged to explore the intricacies of pre-feasibility reports, data requirements, and analysis methodologies. The review of acts, policies, and toolkits for mode selection, along with an in-depth analysis of rapid transit technologies and their specifications, was undertaken. Through base analyses, insights into economic, demographic, and transport system dynamics were gained. It equipped me to conduct future projections, travel demand assessments, and develop alternative scenarios, integrating financial and economic analysis. Additionally, the focus on social and environmental impact assessment, as well as planning, design, and engineering aspects, prepared me for developing system operation strategies and preliminary infrastructure plans.