• Code PUT22062
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Shivanand Swamy,Hemangi Dalwadi
  • TA Saayinath Narasimhan


The primary objective of this studio is to equip students with an extensive comprehension of the structural approach essential for evaluating the feasibility of urban transportation projects. Students will engage in a meticulous analysis of diverse rapid transit technologies and undertake a methodical mode selection process. Evaluating the feasibility of projects will entail utilizing a comprehensive assessment framework that encompasses physical, financial, economic, social, and environmental dimensions. Consequently, students will cultivate the capacity to formulate a system operation strategy, devise preliminary infrastructure plans for facilities, and outline project implementation strategies. By immersing themselves in this multifaceted learning experience, participants will acquire a holistic understanding of the intricate elements crucial for successful urban transport project planning and execution.