• Student Urja Kamal Sanghvi
  • Code UIR21147
  • Faculty Design
  • Tutor/s Shikha Parmar,Krisha Nagrecha
  • TA Roshni Adarsh


Encircled Pause is a traveler's home for a group of friends wishing to have recreational time in a playful environment. The traveler's home envisioned for a close-knit group of friends merges the natural grace of bamboo with the thrill of hide and seek, accentuated by a vertical design concept. Cascading levels interconnected by helical staircases and hidden passages create a playful journey through the space, encouraging spontaneous games and exploratory adventures. By combining vertical design elements and a playful, hide-and-seek-inspired aesthetic, this traveler's home for a group of friends could offer a unique and immersive experience.