• Code PUD22170
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Ganesh Ahire,Shashank Trivedi,Purvi Chhadva


Portfolio consists of two different exercises Representing Case studies and Township Masterplan design .The studio is aimed at learning the key aspects involved in preparing a large scale urban design master plan. The emphasis of the studio will be on exploring the design process through various concepts and approaches, achieving a detailed design resolution, evolving an appropriate development model and to prepare a persuasive communication and representation strategy for the master plan. The studio uses the Township Policy as the basis for initiating the development. Through the studio the students will prepare a three – dimensional urban design proposal for this area with proposed massing, height, densities, orientations, grids and blocks, movement routes both for pedestrians and vehicles and the location and role of public open spaces in the plan. The studio will have underlying concerns focused on creation of livable neighborhoods, imageability of a place along with the issues of land economics and development mechanisms. The process would involve the following stages: • Site and context appraisal • Existing policy review • Preparing a vision statement • Preparing the development model • Opportunities and constraints • Design concepts and strategies