• Code PUP22045
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Harsh Bhasin,Jignesh Mehta,Utkarsh Patel,Arun Kumar,Amit Gotecha


The project is about the preparation of the High Speed Rail, Sabarmati station area Development Local Area Plan. The local area plan of Sabarmati Station area has future potential for a city-level economic boom as India’s first High-speed rail station is coming up there, which will give improved urban character to the area. To effectively implement a micro-level plan in such areas, it’s crucial to establish redevelopment incentives that foster mutually beneficial outcomes for both developers and the governing authority. The local area plan gives the opportunity to improve its public realm, infrastructure needs, transport network, and built environment. This planning mechanism addresses the community’s needs and fosters the balance between built and open spaces.