• Code PUD23107
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Arjun Joshi,Rutul Joshi,Nitika Bhakuni,Ravi Sannabhadti,Anil kumar Roy,Tarun Patel,Umesh Shurpali,Maulik Chauhan,Rushil Palavajjhala ,Jay Bhanushali,Tarunkumar Sharma


Vastral Ramol in Ahmedabad exemplifies a thriving mix of industry and habitation. The neighbourhood is well-known for its diversified community and hardworking spirit. With well-connected highways and public transport, accessibility is an important aspect. Green spaces provide aesthetic appeal while also contributing to a healthier environment. The residential landscape is changing and providing more home possibilities. The area's commercial activities contribute to its dynamic nature, making it a hub for living and working. Vastral Ramol embodies the spirit of urban life since it is community-oriented and vibrant.