• Student TANVI GARG
  • Code PUD23402
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Maulik Chauhan,Rutul Joshi,Ravi Sannabhadti,Anil kumar Roy,Tarun Patel,Umesh Shurpali,Tarunkumar Sharma,Jay Bhanushali,Arjun Joshi,Rushil Palavajjhala ,Nitika Bhakuni


Within Ahmedabad’s intricate urban fabric, Gomtipur emerges as a living testament to the city’s historical evolution and the resilience of its inhabitants. Once a thriving industrial hub, Gomtipur’s narrative unfolds through the rise and fall of textile mills, shaping a dynamic community marked by adaptability and change. The area’s diverse urban morphology, ranging from train chawls to modern developments, mirrors its complex social fabric. Despite challenges in walkability and infrastructure, gomtipur’s community has ingeniously crafted its public spaces, fostering a vibrant public life. The introduction of TOZ and improved connectivity herald new opportunities, offering a chance for revitalization and progress.