• Student Pratham Chothani
  • Code UAR20211
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Kruti v Shah,Harsh Chauhan
  • TA Abhishek Mummithi


The firm wants to transform the underused, often-neglected remaining space beneath the bridge into a useful and pleasurable area for people. The studio consists of two already-existing, separately context-based residential and business locations in Ahmedabad. The residential surroundings informed the design of this project. Since the Shreyas Flyover is situated in an idle area, it was crucial to make it dynamic and draw attention from the public. The additional functions provided here are relevant to the home setting and include a multifunctional room that may be used for both celebrations and sitting, as well as pet areas, working pods, kids' play areas, yoga areas, gym areas, and eating areas