• Code PHD22138
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Narendra Mangwani,Dhaval Gajjar
  • TA Healik Doshi,Aswin Senthil,Jigar Rathod


This studio’s primary focus lies in urban housing design, with a particular emphasis on addressing the challenges of higher population densities within cities. The studio exercise is centered on the creation of high quality housing design solutions tailored to the urban environment. In the course of this studio, students will engage in the resolution of design for individual housing unit types and the overall site layout. The structured design exercises are carefully designed to offer students the opportunity to delve into unit design and common amenities. These explorations will be conducted within the context of evolving social dynamics, the integration of cutting edge building technologies and construction materials, architectural detailing, and the pursuit of design efficiency for optimal land use. Additionally, students will be tasked with crafting climate-responsive design solutions and implementing appropriate landscape strategies for the project. An integral aspect of their work will involve a comprehensive study of the existing building regulations relevant to the project, with the aim of identifying potential enhancements to improve specific design parameters