• Code PHD22184
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Narendra Mangwani,Dhaval Gajjar
  • TA Healik Doshi,Aswin Senthil,Jigar Rathod


The studio explores housing design solutions for high-density living in urban environments. Throughout the studio, the focus is on the thoughtful creation of housing designs that cater to the evolving needs of city dwellers while adhering to the demands of increased urbanization.In urban landscapes where land is at a premium, regulatory marginal spaces between buildings often diminish valuable land resources and limit communal areas within communities. Recent studies, notably indicating that approximately 53% of land in Ahmedabad is designated as wasteful marginal space, emphasize the pressing need for alternative design approaches. By minimizing the regulatory marginal spaces, the design capitalize on these previously underutilized pockets of land. Transitioning towards continuous blocks offers a viable solution, unlocking substantial and functional space within the urban fabric. This shift promises to significantly enhance the quality of living for residents and contribute tangible value to the urban environment. The consolidation of land within continuous blocks minimizes wastage, optimizes infrastructure utilization, and promotes a more walkable and interconnected community zones. Embracing this futuristic approach holds the potential to redefine urban landscapes, creating dynamic, inclusive, and value-added living spaces for the residents of Ahmedabad and beyond.