• Student Riva Dhaval Shah
  • Code UG191116
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Mansi Shah,Vaishal Patel
  • TA Kruti Patel


Streets are essence of public spaces that weave together and transform diverse urban fabrics. In the city of Gandhinagar, most of its streets are partially developed and utilized for only vehicular purposes. The main function of the streets has shifted from being pertinent public spaces to just a means of reaching places. Therefore this project focuses on transforming one of the urban streets, ‘J- road’ (90m) into an active, social, functional, and productive public space that allows people and as well as wildlife to pause, rest, and interact. Through strategies such as redesigning the ROW and median, introducing multi-utility zones with allotment patches on the street, cycle lanes, and regulations to activate edges, it aims to provide a variety of interventions and anchors that provide incentives to all its stakeholders. Largely, it tries to transmogrify the street from being just a mode to commute from one stop to another into a whole new destination in itself. Link to complete portfolio.