• Code PUM23204
  • Faculty Management
  • Tutor/s Shelly Kulshrestha
  • TA Venkat Doshi


The project “Facilities management of Kankaria” revolves around providing a comprehensive understanding of how facilities at Kankaria lakefront are managed being a public space , its best practices and scope of improvements for increasing efficiency in terms of operation, maintenance, and innovation. The study further delves into two perspectives which is the lens of “Smart and sustainable Kankaria” as well as “Kankaria as a people’s place”. Further, the project extends its scope to the management of Kankaria lakefront in terms of its existing facilities provided to users. The objective of the project is to understanding about the existing scenarios of Kankaria both contextually as well as in terms of facilities, followed by scope of improvements, proposals, human resource, and financial aspects. Furthermore, it delves into the objective of making Kankaria smart and sustainable as well as a people’s place.