• Student Patel Vedant Ketulkumar
  • Code UG191492
  • Faculty Technology
  • Tutor/s Birva Joshi
  • TA Abhishek Bhatt


Intersections represent critical zones where concerns for safety and the efficiency of traffic flow intersect. It's crucial to grasp the diverse factors influencing intersections, encompassing traffic volume, speed, the presence of pedestrians and cyclists, and the intersection's design. Concentrating on the engineering facets of Shyamal cross road  and Juna Vadaj Circle in Ahmedabad, our objective is to devise strategies to enhance safety and efficiency at these specific locations. Introducing geometric modifications, such as changes to the intersection's shape and layout, providing refuge islands, and providing more signages can profoundly influence both traffic dynamics safety and user convenience. To ensure a holistic approach, we must factor in the needs of all road users—vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists—when crafting intersection designs. This approach fosters the creation of more inclusive and accessible intersections, placing safety at the forefront for everyone involved. The anticipated outcome of this project is the generation of valuable insights and recommendations tailored to the unique challenges of Shyamal Cross road and Juna Vadaj circle, contributing to the improvement of intersections in urban infrastructure.