• Code PLA22311
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Chandrani Chakrabarti
  • TA Reeyaa Shah


Project Ashray is an attempt to acknowledge the presence of informal settlements as an integral part of society. This further creates a conflict with the society. These settlements usually live in very unhygienic locations in a very unorganized manner. With community participation towards the upliftment of the settlement, certain measures can be considered to address the required change. Ashray aims to dig deep into the needs of one such settlement known as Gafur Basti where a majority of its population is dependent on chemical dyes for fabrics for its daily income. The project plans to make Gafur Basti water smart and a habitable area hence proposes an idea to use natural dyes as a replacement for chemical dyes to regulate the waste water disposed in the lake. It also initiates the use of Dewat plants to reuse the wastewater after treatment. Residents shall benefit from the reduced dependency on water from government agencies which would make the community water-smart.