• Student Tanya Sunish Shah
  • Code UG191401
  • Faculty Technology
  • Tutor/s Dipsha Shah,Devesh Shah
  • TA Nihal Patel


In a community grappling with an escalating scarcity of freshwater, the imperative is to skillfully recover and treat sewage water for subsequent reuse. The primary goal is to meticulously assess the cost-effectiveness of transforming reclaimed water into potable water for non-human applications while demonstrating proficiency in constructing an advanced plant. Two cutting-edge concepts have been formulated: an 11.5  MLD water treatment facility and a 50 MLD sewage treatment plant based on MBBR technology. These designs adhere with precision to the guidelines set forth by the CPHEEO, encompassing adept level analyses, biologically gradient-informed flow diagrams, and precise provisioning of facilities within the treatment plants.