• Student UveshKhan SabirKhan pathan
  • Code UAR20220
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Arijit Chatterjee,Shilpa Mevada
  • TA Aksh Chauhan


In Goa, Nowadays, the privatised mangrove lands are abandoned in the sense of theiractual occupations and possible activities. Due to the lack of support from thegovernment, the owners won’t be able to activate the program or are not interested inoccupying the land source of mangroves. One of the sites is near the Mapusa River, which is connected to the Mnadovi Riverfrom the southern side. Two owners of this land have not occupied it for the last five years due to unsupportable government, so right now, the condition of the site is just to store saline water and empty it to maintain the freshwater for the existing Ryzophora mangrove trees and for the fishing purpose. The observation from the site and the scale of the land occupation made me think about engaging with existing species and the cultivation of other species in the manner of farming. For the last five years and till now, there have been no activities going on according to the scale of the site, but still, the owners are using those existing mangroves for fish farming, but still not equal to the scale of the site. These observations are trying to think about the composed manner of all these factors, which will be effective for the land occupations in the form of cultivation, like what kind manner of fish farming along the trees, what types of species can be cultivated according to the soil of the land, and how the abandoned barges will incorporate with the site and context of the site and how it will engage and for what purpose with the fishing actives till the connection with the surrounding communities.