• Tutor/s Shikha Parmar | Manthan Mevada
  • TA Vipul Gupta
  • Code AR2048
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Level L2 Studio Unit

To ‘fabulate’ is to narrate invented, nonconventional or speculated stories of Architecture — to tell fables of life tomorrow, proposing realistic solutions for living in diverse climatic scenarios. Requiring an enthusiastic radical hand, and a curious eye, this unit revolved around imagining and communicating a future living habitat while adopting and breathing new life into an empty historic backdrop. The studio identified a civic building as a locus; one envisaged a forthcoming speculative scenario woven around extreme natural catastrophe. This encouraged one to rethink dwelling typologies that are able to sustain human habitation. Strategically, working through a sequential process of investigation and intervention, one explored and established multi-scalar relationships - designing an intimate dwelling, integrating it into a neighbourhood, and then into the larger site surrounding. One engaged with manual and digital skills to aid visual narration for effective conception and presentation of spatial ideas. This journey enabled one to rethink traditional tools and processes to design and undertake one’s own experiments to vividly depict a speculated scenario and a new collective living habitat. Enabling radical thinking, exploration of habitat and space making, and imaginative representation, the outcome was a new imagination of future living, within a reinvented historic backdrop