• Tutor/s Rebecca Reubens
  • TA Likhinya Kvs
  • Code BD2007
  • Faculty Design
  • Level L2 Studio Unit


Most mainstream design praxis centers on the trinity of wood, metal and plastic. Within the broad scope of these materials as well, there are very specific design choices that traditionally dovetail with mass-production and the industrial paradigm. This studio willl explore alternatives to these mainstream and industrialized materials, with the aim of expanding the designer’s material and technique palette. Non-mainstream and non-industrial materials such as natural fibres, shell, bamboo, terracotta and textiles are interesting materials that exist in our natural environment, but are not used extensively because they are not part of traditional industrial paradigm linked material palettes. There are also several materials which are 'waste' or 'surplus' from mainstream industrial manufacturing - this studio also includes these materials. We will explore these materials as viable alternatives for contemporary interior elements including furniture, lighting and accessories. A series of hands-on material exploration will lead to each student developing a prototype which leverages the understanding of new material possibilities.