• Tutor/s Siddharth Singh | Sukhmani Brar
  • TA Milap Salot
  • Code AR2031
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Level L2 Studio Unit


“During its emergence, creative work calls for two simultaneous foci - the world and the self; and as a consequence of this double focus every profound work is essentially a microcosmic representation of the world and an unconscious self portrait at the same time.” The Thinking Hand, Juhani Pallasma As architects we don’t necessarily start with a blank slate. Consciously or subconsciously we bring our histories, memories and dimensions of our ‘selves’ into the creative process. It is therefore important to acknowledge this and access the various experiences that have formed us. Starting with the design of small spaces of solitude, intimacy & congregation in a subterranean site, moving on to transform it into a home and culminating into the transformation of the home into a small institution, students will investigate the relationship between the self and the world. Some of the questions that the studio will address are as follows: ? How is the creative process informed by experiences and memories? ? What is the relationship between body, memory, emotion and space? Students will learn to apply the method of accessing their experiences & memories through drawings, associational maps, collages & models and integrate them into the design process across different scales.