• Tutor/s Nilang Pandya | Jahnavi Bhatt
  • TA Jeny Dave
  • Code AR2036
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Level L2 Studio Unit


This studio aims at looking at the design practice with the aim of execution of the idea and how the design is essentially a sum of its details. How these details working together in a synchronized manner makes a meaningful architecture. The idea is to find an underlying intent and find clarity with reason in the design process through details. How these ideas are made in a construction practice is also of the utmost importance. Being able to articulate an idea in a drawing is equally essential to conceptualizing. To begin this journey students will take up an existing building and deconstruct it to understand design intentions, materials, structure, details and services. This will be documented with detail drawings which will prove as a precursor to their execution drawing set. Design program of the studio focuses on creating an incubation centre within Gujarat University campus, promoting start-ups and innovators to take their ideas and skills forward. Students will be designing facilities like workshops, conference area, accommodation spaces for 5 persons with small pantry. One of the exercises running parallel will encourage students to find details in ongoing sites and learn the execution aspects first hand.