• Tutor/s Kruti Shah | Rachit Sheth
  • TA Meet satishkumar Shah | Tanvi Dubbewar
  • Code CT2018
  • Faculty Technology
  • Level L2 Studio Unit


Building construction is not only about erecting concrete mass in a space, but is also about developing a space by effective utilization of it’s area In today’s times, where every RCC building is different in terms of it’s shape, form and structural system, an engineer requires to not only analyse and design the building but also understand the process that leads to it’s architectural and structural form. One needs to cultivate the conceptual understanding of it’s architectural design and coherently develop the structural system. The studio is designed precisely to cultivate this understanding in students - to design a space such that architectural form , space is satisfied and without compromising on structural integrity. Designing a space where architect and structure are coherent and blend into each other instead of competing and contradicting. Our goal is to make an engineering student sensitive towards intangible but crucial architectural principles; doing so by appropriate use of engineering concepts & theories of Analysis & RCC design, The student shall produce a proper execution drawing detail for site at the end of the semester.