• Tutor/s Anand Belhe | Naandi Parikh
  • TA Ashini Shah
  • Code BD3001
  • Faculty Design
  • Level L3 Studio Unit


Retail design is a service oriented industry where the client has got a very specific requirement of their space with a primary purpose of displaying and selling their products. Though it is very important that the spatial design of such spaces creates an lasting impact on the customer along with promoting an enjoyable and hassle-free shopping experience. Retail spaces hence need to be specially-fashioned to the kind of product being sold in that space, necessitating the concept of brand building. Brand building though appears to be an exercise in marketing, is equally important an exercise in spatial design as the spaces in which brands operate, their branded environments, are their most powerful touch points. These spaces provide an opportunity of converting the intangible aspects of a brand into tangible experiences. Bringing together these two ideas of ‘Retailing’ and ‘Brand Building’ this studio will focus on developing design approach and products for a leading Furniture retail brand. Students will research and design International Furniture Company and develop a display system for their product