• Tutor/s Samir bhagvatlal Bhatt | Kaulav Bhagat
  • TA Paramdeep singh Dayani | Tanushree Solanki-VF | Nidhi Ratani
  • Code FD4003
  • Faculty Design


This studio will explore the interrelationship of Architecture and Furniture design fields. Building and furniture share an affinity with the ground plane, they guide all the forces and loads that reside in or rest on them, downward into the earth. Architecture is furniture at macro scale and furniture is architecture at micro scale. Architecture from different movements of the 20th Century will be studied for its innovative use of material, technology, construction, form, structure, details, geometry, language etc.. The study will happen through extensive use of drawings, sketches and analytical diagrams. This process will help to synthesize the design principles and issues leading to the design of the architecture, which will then be taken forward and stagewise developed to derive the design of the furniture pieces. Final design will be represented with good quality of furniture drawings and part prototype. The aim of this studio is to design a table through a stagewise evolution of form and geometry, exploration of material properties and testing of the structure. The exercises will provide an overview of the furniture design process, establish key concepts of furniture design and open up further design possibilities for students.