• Tutor/s Arpi Maheshwari | Radhika Amin
  • TA Ayushi Agrawal
  • Code ID4016
  • Faculty Design
  • Level L4 Studio Unit


The studio aims to use computational design, analytics and digital manufacturing to propose novel and integrated [interior] design solutions for large floor plans - could include offices, institutions, exhibition areas, etc with a focus on maximizing system’s performance. The First 5 weeks are dedicated to learn the process of Experimentation and Evaluation, where the students will develop a system logic based on Biomimetic principles. Based on this every student will have their own large Interior space (approx. 400 sqm) and their own Design problem to address. (Multiple sites- Multiple programs approach). An integrated design for a large public Interior Space has multiple performance criteria such as Light, Ventilation, Acoustics, Vision, Privacy, Thermal Comfort, Spatial Transformability, etc. The students will approach this by producing design iterations systematically and test their performance to move towards optimised solutions. The students will eventually develop Optimized Design solution for multiple challenges of the selected context, which could include Lighting, Ventilation, Acoustics, Thermal comfort, Vision, Privacy, Spatial Transformability, etc in the later part of the Studio.