• Tutor/s Akul Modi | Shivani Kapadia
  • TA Priya Bhadja
  • Code AR2037
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Level L2 Studio Unit


A typical architectural project comprises five steps, drawings, development, application, execution, and supervision. We generally describe them as conceptualization, design development, preparation of working drawings, estimation, and implementation. These key steps comprise the pre-construction stage of any architectural design project. The prime focus of this studio is to provide Real-life exposure to architectural practice and construction processes. It shall concentrate on the systematic approach towards the development and execution of an idea, the in-between procedures, and tools (ensuring smooth execution of the project). The complete studio has been divided into three sections of design development, working drawings, and construction project estimation. This course has been specifically designed for architects who will eventually work with contractors and clients for their design and budgeting purposes. Students successfully finishing this course will be exposed to the complete architectural/construction procedure, starting from the project to the execution stage. To make the most relevant concepts, real-life exposure, case studies, guest lectures, and case studies will be specified.