• Tutor/s Madhu Bharti | Rutool Sharma
  • TA Nandana L S
  • Code UH4001
  • Faculty Planning


The studio focused on developing students’ exposure to the dynamic housing & real-estate market. The studio was built on the knowledge base acquired by students in the first two semesters. The students identified sites that could be taken up for development in the near future. This studio took up a series of greenfield/brownfield sites across a city based on variation in terms of predominant land use, location, accessibility, market conditions and other characters. Each student developed the site as per the existing demand for real-estate, the status of micro markets including production rate, unsold inventory and vacancy. Students developed their skills for land potential analysis and applied the process on a few sites to select the final site for detailed project development. They studied the linkages and significant relevance of each micro-market to the local employment generation magnets to prepare an implementable project with adherence to all the existing regulations and policies. The final output of a comprehensive project proposal included details for financial resource development for the project. This gave the students an opportunity to understand the intersection of real estate and financial markets and prepared them for the housing/ real estate industry.