• Tutor/s Mili Parekh
  • TA Rajvi Amrelia
  • Code ID4008
  • Faculty Design
  • Level L4 Studio Unit


Dropbox is a container that is placed within a community settlement to address their needs, stimulates the cultural identity of its inhabitants and surrounding. The studio will be divided in different parts which will teach students to develop an ability to sensitively understand contextual scale in terms of urban interiors. In the first part, the contextual study will give them an understanding of how to comprehend a given site, surrounding and user group. In the Proportion study, they will learn to understand the scale and proportions of an insert in the context of the neighbourhood. In Programme development, students learn the methods to develop a client brief based on questioning ways of living and needs within the context. Then they have to come up with an appropriate program along with naming their box and test it through the selected context (site/program). The ability to analyze, visualize and interpret information as relevant to space designing will be covered in concept development and final design insert. Each part will have new visualizations in the form of different mediums. Students will learn to represent their analyse, understanding and design concept in form of visuals, technical drawings and 3D renderings within the social context.''