• Tutor/s Mrudula Mane | Khushi Shah | Sabrina Khan patel | Nigar Shaikh
  • Code CR4002
  • Faculty Architecture


The Foundation Studio is focused on imparting and developing essential skills and understanding of conservation processes with an aim to build students’ capacity for engagement with complexities of built heritage conservation. The studio is divided into the following three interdependent modules; - Documentation of Built Heritage - Understanding Traditional Building Materials - Analysis, Interpretation and Value Assessment. The first module commences with an introduction to tools and methodologies for recording and methodical documentation of the historic structures as per the existing condition. The second module focuses on understanding the properties of traditional building materials (lime, stone, timber, bricks, etc); their life cycles and the processes of their deterioration through site observations, hands-on exploration & laboratory analysis. The module also explores conservation approaches with a focus on the compatibility of restoration materials. The third module aims to develop the capacity for critical analysis of historic structures and their context leading to identification, interpretation and assessment of values embedded in their various aspects.