• Tutor/s Minu Agarwal | Rajan Rawal | Swati Puchalapalli | Harsh Thapar
  • Code BE4001
  • Faculty Technology


The intent of the Lighting, Daylighting and Integrated Design Lab (IDL) course is to make students be market-ready for: 1) evaluating electric lighting and daylighting solutions for building energy efficiency; and, 2) integrate the students past learning in the BEP program for simulating and evaluating whole building performance. This course will introduce the students to concepts required for lighting design including daylighting, assess designs and technologies using simulations and real building measurements. They will have a good grasp over codes such as NBC and ECBC for lighting and energy performance. At the same time, through hands-on experimentation and though design problems students should will be encouraged to develop not just an understanding of the existing codes, but also develop a critical viewpoint on them. There will be no group assignments in this class to allow all students to go through the full cycle of daylight evaluations independently. In the second half of the semester, the students work on an individual whole building simulation exercise to integrate their learning on lighting with that from the PC Lab and HVAC Lab from earlier semesters.