• Tutor/s Utkarsh Patel | Amit Gotecha | Jignesh Mehta | Harsh Bhasin
  • Code UP4001-2
  • Faculty Planning


Majority of the cities in India are growing rapidly due to rapid urbanization. Many of them prepare macro level plans (Development Plans and Master Plans) to manage future growth. However, these plans mainly focus on overall zoning, trunk infrastructure network and broad-brush regulations, and generally fail to ensure its implementation through coherent, high quality and sustainable development at local levels. In this context, this studio is focused on developing core competencies in students for preparing micro level plans for both, greenfield (through TPS) and brownfield areas (through LAP), which go beyond conventional approaches, and integrate multi-disciplinary aspects. In this studio, the students prepare Local Area Plans and Town Planning Schemes in different cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Surat and Vadodara. After reviewing existing situation, statutory provisions and stakeholder consultations, they develop a vision and proposals for street network, zoning, infrastructure, green network etc and explore ways to implement them through land reconstitution, incentivized redevelopment and other strategies after estimating compensation and contribution from each land parcel. Multiple presentations by external experts and practitioners are conducted throughout the semester to facilitate the learning."