• Tutor/s Jyoti Trivedi | Bhargav Dave | Paramjit Lota
  • TA Nimish Sharma | Keval Solanki
  • Code CM4001
  • Faculty Technology


In this course we attempt to simulate the process of Integrated Project Delivery and Global Collaboration using appropriate software tools on real-life project. Building Information Modeling, Global Collaboration & Integrated Project Delivery is recent trends in the construction industry. Construction Organisation attempts to gain benefit from implementing these concepts largely depends on the understanding and preparedness of the employees to adapt to the changes in process and use new tools. Adopting tools such as Lean and BIM in the curriculum allows the students to successively learn different tools in the portfolio corresponding to each course. This project investigation involves from best practices and similar sector project case studies, collection of primary data in the form of interaction with stakeholders viz; client, contractors, consultants, collaboration and policies, traditional approach of design coordination and construction project implementation of similar projects. The collected process mapping and 3DBIM model development analysed from different perspective of different tools and techniques discussed in the studio setting and present the output. The studio will equip students to critically examine the state of the art and suggest the areas of improvement.