• Tutor/s Sankalpa _ | Shilpa Mevada
  • TA Neel Jain | Karthik Nakkana-TA | Hemanshu Dodiya
  • Code AD4004
  • Faculty Architecture


Students shall be trained to detail out a building with focus on its tectonics, environmental factors and program. Students analyzed an urban situation as an informer of siting a building and a response to its surrounding. They learned to push forward innovative building solutions to engage with the pressing and speculative nature of time. Key considerations accounted while dealing with the studio were: 1) Emphasis on space as an outcome of affordance and synthesis of detail. 2) Expression of detail as a response to structural forces, material, climate and program. 3) Representation and communication of expressive dimension of detail as a partner to space. Through this studio, students learned to: • Develop an experimental attitude while tackling design problems. • Be aware and attempt design as a methodical search. • Develop abilities to adapt to design challenges within the constraints of use of basic to the latest available technology. Develop ability to critically observe, analyze and elucidate an architectural form at various scales while recognizing its presence in a physical context.